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10 Hay Day Tips and Tricks You Might Not Know

Welcome, Hay Day enthusiasts! Whether you’re a seasoned farmer or a newbie, there are always new tips and tricks to make your Hay Day experience more enjoyable and efficient. In this blog post, I’ll share 10 valuable tips that can help you master the game. Let’s dive right in!

1. Efficient Cargo Ship Management

Did you know you can send off your cargo ship without filling all the crates? Simply click “Send” and watch your ship float away down the river. However, once you fill any crate, you won’t be able to send it off early. If you’re working on your Captain achievement, remember you can request help to complete the crates and still earn the achievement.

2. Smart Use of Tom’s Balloon

When Tom’s search time runs out, he holds onto a balloon and offers you a discount. You can keep this discount indefinitely as long as you don’t pick up the last requested item. When you’re ready to use the discount, collect the item and Tom will hold onto the balloon for about 13 to 14 minutes. You can even pop the balloon for fun!

3. Revisiting the Newspaper

To save time, revisit the newspaper by clicking on the newspaper stand at other farms. This way, you don’t have to return to your farm each time you want to browse the newspaper, making your searches more efficient.

4. Auto-Advertising Low-Demand Items

If an item in your roadside shop doesn’t sell within five minutes, Hay Day’s algorithm automatically re-advertises it until it sells. This drives constant traffic to your farm, especially helpful when you need assistance from other farmers. An unspoken community rule is to use the rustic bouquet to signal that all help requests are completed.

5. Collecting Diamonds from Fishing

Caught a new spe cies of fish? Head to the fishing shed to collect your diamonds. If you haven’t done this yet, you probably have a bunch of diamonds waiting for you. Additionally, you can upgrade your tackle box using silo expansion materials to make room for more items.

6. Managing the Bell in Your Service Building

The bell above your service building indicates a waiting customer. Once served, the bell disappears to the left side of your town. This handy indicator helps you manage customer flow efficiently.

7. Tracking Production Building Inventory

The number in the top right corner of your production buildings shows how much of a specific item you have in your barn. This helps you keep track of your inventory and know what you need to produce next. For buildings with multiple units, like the feed mill and smelter, the total production hours contribute to your mastery progress.

8. Organizing Trees and Bushes

To quickly know how many trees and bushes you have, click on “Edit Layout,” then select the inbox icon and double-click on your trees. This brings up a count of all your trees and bushes, allowing you to arrange them efficiently. Use the paintbrush tool to copy and paste layouts easily.

9. Faster Crop Harvesting

There’s a faster way to harvest crops! Instead of the normal single-finger swipe, use two fingers to cover more area, making your harvesting process quicker and more efficient.

10. Utilizing Rose for Animal Management

Rose helps feed your animals and collect their produce. Some of these products can yield valuable drops, which are then found at her doorstep. This makes managing your animals and gathering resources much more efficient.

Bonus Tip: Stay Updated with News and Events

Keep yourself informed about upcoming events by clicking on the news section. This allows you to see what events are coming up each day, helping you prepare and make the most out of your Hay Day experience.

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