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Which Candy Crush Levels Have Fish?

Ever found yourself mesmerized by the colorful, candy-coated world of Candy Crush? If you’re a fan, you’ve likely noticed those helpful little fish that swim across your screen, clearing candies and helping you achieve your level objectives faster. Today, we’re diving deep into the Candy Crush sea to find out which levels feature these delightful fish and how you can maximize their use for sweet success.

Spotting Fish in Candy Crush Levels

In Candy Crush, these fish are often referred to as Swedish Fish. They become your allies in certain levels, especially where the objective is to clear all the jelly or reach a specific score. You’ll start encountering fish around level 9, and from there, they appear in various levels, growing increasingly useful as the game progresses and the levels become more challenging.

Maximizing Your Fish Creation

To harness the power of Swedish Fish, it’s essential to understand how to create them effectively:

  1. Completed Levels: For every fish you create on previously completed levels, you get 1 fish.
  2. Uncompleted Levels: For every fish created on unfinished levels, you earn a whopping 10 fish. However, if you’re at the end of the available levels, you won’t benefit from the 10-fish bonus per created fish.
  3. Creation Method: You only receive fish for manually creating them, not for fish provided by the level or those made using chocolate or color bombs. However, you do get fish that are created as a result of cascading candies or candies eliminated by the fish themselves.

Best Levels for Fishing

For the best fishing results, head to “Candy Town,” the first section of the game. Here are some top levels to try:

  • Level 2, 8, 500: These are particularly effective for creating fish.
  • Levels 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 15: Other levels in “Candy Town” where you can maximize your fish creation.
  • Levels 7, 13, and 14: These can be tricky due to the random number generator (RNG) layout, but they are still worth attempting for practice and fish accumulation.

Turning Candy Crush Wins into Real Rewards

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How Playbite Works

  • Earning Rewards: Playbite makes money from unobtrusive ads and optional in-app purchases. This revenue is then used to reward players with exciting prizes.
  • Getting Started: Simply download the Playbite app, play your favorite games, and start turning your Candy Crush achievements into actual rewards like gift cards and more.

Join Playbite today and make your Candy Crush experience even sweeter!

Additional Resources

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Understanding which Candy Crush levels have fish and how to effectively create them can significantly enhance your gameplay. Whether you’re a casual player or a dedicated Candy Crush enthusiast, using these tips and leveraging apps like Playbite can turn your candy-coated adventures into rewarding experiences. Happy crushing!

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