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What Candy Crush Levels Have Licorice: A Comprehensive Guide

If you’re a Candy Crush enthusiast facing levels with licorice swirls, also known as Liquorice Wheels or Licorice Swirls, these blockers add a challenging twist to the game. Here’s a comprehensive guide to these sweet yet tricky elements:

What are Licorice Swirls?

Licorice swirls are blockers in Candy Crush Saga, resembling black swirls with a cream dot in the middle. They occupy a single square on the board and are introduced early in the game, persisting as common obstacles throughout various levels.

Properties of Licorice Swirls:

  • Blocker Nature: Licorice swirls occupy board squares, blocking candies from filling those spaces.
  • Resistance to Special Candies: Unlike other blockers, licorice swirls are resilient against many special candies, notably striped candies, complicating gameplay strategies.
  • Variants: Variations include Liquorice Fences and Liquorice Curls, each presenting unique challenges.

Levels Featuring Licorice Swirls:

Licorice swirls appear in numerous levels across Candy Crush Saga, from early episodes to the latest updates. Notable instances include:

  • Level 36: First appearance in the 4th episode, Chocolate Mountains.
  • Level 14420: Latest appearance, highlighting their enduring presence.

Special Challenges: Certain levels, such as 1375, are known for their high density of licorice swirls (75 in total), offering particularly intense challenges.

Tips for Dealing with Licorice Swirls:

  • Use Special Candies: Combine Striped + Wrapped candies to effectively clear licorice swirls.
  • Strategy: Focus on making adjacent matches to eliminate licorice swirls and prevent them from respawning.

Additional FAQs:


Mastering licorice swirls and other game mechanics enhances the enjoyment of Candy Crush Saga. Stay updated with game changes and continue perfecting your candy-crushing skills!

ay enjoyment. Stay tuned for updates and continue mastering the art of candy crushing!

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