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How to Use Candy Crush Cheats to Advance Faster in 2024

Candy Crush Saga, with its colorful candies and challenging levels, continues to captivate players worldwide. Whether you’re stuck on a tough level or looking for strategies to score higher, cheats and tips can be your best friend. In this blog post, we’ll explore the top Candy Crush cheats, tips, and tricks to help you advance in the game. Let’s dive in!

Cheats in Candy Crush

1. Infinite Lives Trick

One of the most sought-after cheats in Candy Crush is gaining infinite lives. To achieve this, follow these steps:

  • Play until you run out of lives.
  • Close the game and go to your device’s settings.
  • Change the date and time settings by moving the clock forward a few hours.
  • Reopen Candy Crush, and you should have a full set of lives.
  • Remember to change your date and time settings back to normal once you’ve replenished your lives.

2. Boosters and Power-Ups

Boosters can make a significant difference in clearing levels. Here’s how to maximize their use:

  • Striped Candy: Combine four candies in a row to create a striped candy that clears an entire row or column.
  • Wrapped Candy: Form a T or L shape with candies to create a wrapped candy, which explodes and clears a larger area.
  • Color Bomb: Match five candies in a row to create a color bomb that can clear all candies of the same color on the board.
  • Combine boosters for even more powerful effects, like pairing a striped candy with a color bomb to clear rows and columns simultaneously.

Candy Crush Saga Tips and Tricks

1. Mastering the Basics

Understanding the basics of Candy Crush is crucial for long-term success:

  • Always look for potential matches at the bottom of the board first. This can create cascading effects, leading to multiple matches.
  • Plan your moves ahead and prioritize breaking blockers like jellies and chocolates that hinder your progress.

2. Striped Candy Strategy

Striped candies are incredibly useful for clearing specific areas:

  • Aim to match four candies in a straight line to create a striped candy.
  • Use striped candies strategically to clear hard-to-reach areas or to fulfill specific level objectives.

3. Using Wrapped Candy Effectively

Wrapped candies are excellent for dealing with obstacles:

  • Form a T or L shape with candies to create a wrapped candy.
  • Combine a wrapped candy with a striped candy to unleash a powerful combo that clears a large portion of the board.

4. Leveraging Color Bomb Candies

Color bombs are game-changers:

  • Match five candi es in a row to create a color bomb.
  • Combine a color bomb with a striped or wrapped candy for maximum impact, clearing large sections of the board and racking up points.

Crush the Basics of Candy Crush Saga

1. Smart Moves for Success

Strategizing your moves is key to progressing in Candy Crush:

  • Focus on completing the level objectives rather than just matching candies.
  • Save special candies and boosters for levels where they are most needed.

2. Combos and Cascades

Creating combinations and triggering cascades can help you clear levels faster:

  • Look for opportunities to combine special candies.
  • Use cascades to your advantage by making matches at the bottom of the board to create chain reactions.

3. Prioritizing Threats

Certain elements in Candy Crush pose significant challenges:

  • Chocolates can quickly take over the board; clear them as soon as possible.
  • Focus on clearing jellies and other blockers early in the level to give yourself more room to create matches.

4. Starting from the Bottom

Starting your matches from the bottom of the board can lead to more cascading matches and higher scores:

  • Prioritize matches at the bottom to create a chain reaction of matches above.
  • This strategy can help clear more candies in fewer moves.

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By incorporating these cheats, tips, and tricks into your Candy Crush gameplay, you’ll find yourself advancing through levels with greater ease. Remember, the key to mastering Candy Crush lies in strategizing your moves, leveraging boosters, and making the most out of special candies. Happy crushing!

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