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How to Join the VALORANT Console Limited Beta: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you excited to play VALORANT on your console? The wait is almost over! Riot Games has announced the VALORANT Console Limited Beta, set to go live on June 14, 2024. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the steps to join the beta, provide key details about the beta itself, and offer tips on what to expect. Make sure to follow these steps to secure your spot and be among the first to experience VALORANT on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation®5.

How to Sign Up for the VALORANT Console Limited Beta

To join the VALORANT Console Limited Beta, you need to meet the following requirements:

  1. Sign Up for the VALORANT Beta: Register on the official VALORANT website.
  2. Referral Link: Obtain a referral link from someone who received an invite from Riot Games.
  3. Region: Reside in the NA, EU, or JP regions (this may expand later).
  4. Valid VALORANT Account: Ensure your VALORANT account is in good standing with no bans or suspensions.
  5. Own a Compatible Console: Have an Xbox Series X|S or PlayStation®5.

Receiving Your Invitation

Invitations for the limited beta will be sent out starting June 14, 2024. Remember, simply signing up does not guarantee an invitation. You need to either receive a direct invitation from Riot Games or use a referral link from a friend who has been invited.

Referral Links

If you receive a direct invitation from Riot, you’ll also get a personal referral link. This link can be used up to five times. Send it to your friends, have them complete the sign-up process, and you’ll be able to team up quickly. Note that referred players won’t receive additional invites.

Redeeming Your VALORANT Console Limited Beta Key

Once you have your beta key, follow the instructions on the console’s official website to activate it. If you lose your code, contact Riot Player Support for assistance.

Reporting Bugs

Encountering bugs is part of the beta experience. To report any issues:

  1. Use the in-game QR code to sub mit a ticket via Help or Support.
  2. Provide details about the bug, including what you were doing and where in the game it occurred.
  3. Include your console gamertag (Xbox) or PSN ID (PlayStation).
  4. Agree to include logs if prompted.

VALORANT Console Limited Beta Details


  • Start Date: June 14, 2024
  • The beta will run until Riot Games is confident in the stability of the servers and code. The end date will be announced in advance on the official website and social media channels.


The beta will launch with a mix of new and old maps, with more being added over time. Eventually, the console version will have the same set of maps as the PC version.

Game Modes

Initially, all core non-competitive game modes will be available. Competitive queues will be introduced after players have had time to adjust.

VALORANT PC vs. Console

Account Content

Your VALORANT account content is shared between PC and console, including:

  • Account Level
  • Currencies (VP, Kingdom Credits, Radianite Points)
  • Recruited Agents
  • Weapon Skins
  • Battle Pass and its progression
  • Mission progression (daily and weekly)


Console players will have a separate rank and MMR from PC players. Crossplay is supported between Xbox and PlayStation, but not between consoles and PC to maintain fair play.

Progress and Purchases

Progress and purchases made during the limited beta will carry over to the full release of VALORANT on console.

VALORANT Crossplay

VALORANT supports crossplay between Xbox and PlayStation. However, PC players will not be matched with console players to ensure competitive integrity.

Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass subscribers will enjoy the same VALORANT benefits on Xbox, but these benefits do not extend to PlayStation.

Controllers and Peripherals

Third-party controllers are not supported. Using a keyboard and mouse on console will result in a ban. VALORANT on console is designed to be played with a controller.

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